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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Meditations on a Bowl of Soup

During lunch, I gathered from the pot the leftover soup from a beef stew dish my mother had made the night before and sat before my computer.

I was on my third slurp when flashes of the years gone by come into my head, as if they were streaming from the reflection of the soup in the bowl. Maybe it was because of the the morsel of kidney beans that was in still in the soup - - I had been eating this stew since I was 6 or 7. Maybe, it was because the weather we have today can briefly compare to the conditions of the earth when I was still much younger. Maybe, it was because I'm getting way much older.

The last streams of images where still flashing by when my attention was suddenly distracted by the gurgling sound of the coffee maker ---the brew's ready.

I was pouring a cup when I recalled that I was still on medication for my bruised ribs.
Maybe, it was because of the medication. But, I will always cherish the flashbacks in time of the moments that warms up my heart.


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